Following the proposal of socially shaped meaning and use of technology, it is possible to observe an example and its impact over Brazilian scenario in a unforeseen facet, corruption and behavior.

Days ago I’ve seen a video recorded in a police road block, showing a state magistrate using her position harass police officers to free her transgressor son without penalties. As response, the officer kept the fine and politely advised her to give better example of public service. The same fact ten years ago probably resulted in a free transgressor or a fired officer. Thanks to a mobile with camera this officer has a proof to protect himself against an eventual magistrate’s revenge. This is the first case of police officers using cameras to prevent  harassment from authorities.

Another case, months ago the governor of my city was placed in custody, judged and deposed following an investigation about bribery. The main evidence is a video presenting our beloved governor receiving money in a basket, evidence enough to bury his political future in a deep grave.

Many of my countrymen are shocked by these videos, arguing about moral decay. I totally disagree, people were not more corrupt today but technology made our world much more transparent. So, the life of corrupts is more difficult today. The illusion of all-powerful and unquestionable authorities is over, as these unfortunate examples presents. If we observe scandals about funding misuse it is possible to observe much evidence tracked by electronic financial transactions. Therefore people still rip off our money, but hide their fingerprints became more difficult.

Reading about governance and public administration, one of the most important things to avoid corruption is transparency, this the first step to control the problem. Thus, thanks to technology, Brazil devises a better scenario towards this subject.