seagulls in the sunset, southampton
Source: Angies, in FlickR

Although my everyday´s walk to university I was missing a harder option. The winter is particulary hard to a sunny being like me. And according some friends seasonal depression is common between foreigners in Europe. So in order to ensure my survival against this lovely weather I made up my mind to start some exercise.

I started today, afternoon, no rain reasonably cold (11 Celsius, I was almost sweating! :-)). There is a park downside and looks like a good point. Obviously the begining was the worst part, even my warm-up exercised didn´t help to deal with the freenzing sensation of the cold touching me, puddles didn´t help me neither. There were few people outside, just some lad-face people pushing  funny strollers and old couples walking their dogs.

Fortunatly a blessed stripe of sun blossomed in the sky and warmed by mood. I ran against the wind, actually the wind is always against me, aiming to the bridge over the channel. Flocks of seagull have rest on the road. I had not bothered with them, hoping that they have not bothered with me too. As I ran between the flocks they just flew for moments to landed after my passage. Actually beautitul, wind and seagulls flying around me. As if I was flying with them.

I ran for twenty two minutes stopping to breath and tie shoelaces. In the field a group of rugbi players train, they are covered by mud, stripes almost invisble in their shirts. The match appear to be so rude as fun, interesting option indeed.

When I returned the cold has gone.